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California Valley
California valleys are most generally installed when a contractor is trying to cut costs. However, some homeowners like the look of this valley type.

We will install a California Valley in some instances when its a better option than open valleys.
Open Valley
Our valleys are made from 26 gauge 24? pre-formed standing seam galvanized pre-painted metal.

We also install ice and water shield under our valleys to give that extra protection. Water in an open valley flows very fast thus flushing dirt and debris out for a maintenance free option.
Step Flashing
These flashings are made from 8" X 14" flat galvanized, pre-painted metal. Floashings are bent in half at a 90 degree angle with 1/2 going behind the siding and the other half going under the shingle.

Each shingle is installed with a step flashing on roof to wall, skylight and chimney transition.
Chimney Flashing
We install new chimney flashings on all brick and mortar chimneys.

Flashings are made with galvanized pre-painted roll metal, fastened with concrete nails and sealed with tri-polymer sealant.

Pipe Flashing
This is a standard plumbing pipe flashing. The flashing is made from aluminum and has a neoprene rubber boot to seal the pipe.

We additionally install another rubber boot to protect the first one from harmful ultra violet rays.
Soffit Vent
Sometimes called an under eve vent, these vents act as an intake vent helping air to flow to the exhaust vents higher on the roof.

This combination allows a circular motion of fresh air in your attic.
Ridge Vent
Ridge vents are becoming more popular and work effectively for ten to fifteen years. Eventually, they will clog with dust from the attic.

They are highly susceptible to wind driven rain and snow. I believe ridge vents have good uses in some cases but not all.
Static Gravity Vent
This exhaust vent is my preferred vent. The Lomanco 750 S vents are bird and rodent proof and come pre-painted.

They also have a screen inside to keep out snow and wind driven rain. These are the most effective and maintenance free vents on the market today.
Turtle or Box Vent
These vents act the same as a static gravity vent but are cheaply manufactured.

These vents are made from plastic and are easily shattered by hail stones leaving an 8? gaping hole in the roof.
Power Vent
This is an electric power vent. These work very well in most cases but are mechanical and will fail at some point in the roofs life.

They are equipped with a thermostat and a humidistat so they can be adjusted. We install these vents but the homeowner will need a certified electrician to wire them to the breaker box. Solar powered vents are also available.
Turbines were popular in the 70s, 80s and 90s but have gradually lost their appeal.

They are mechanical and will seize up making them noisy overtime.

Furnace flue jack, cap and collar
This is where the exhaust from a gas furnace and gas hot water heater exits the home.

We replace the furnace flue jack, cap and collar if they are severely rusted or corroded.

In most cases we will simply just seal and paint them after the roof is replace
The hips and ridges are critical intersections of all roofs that require careful weather blocking, but can also be used for ventilating a breathable roof system to last longer and perform better.

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Brewster Roofing Images
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Brewster Roofing Images
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Brewster Roofing Images
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